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Master Yoda is the president of Section I: Jedi, the President of the Universal Protection Council, and probably the most renowned, honored, and respected member of the entire UPC. He was the initial founder of the UPC, and the current Chief Justice of the UPC Supreme Court.


Biographical Information

Yoda is currently the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, its highest and most distinguished leader, and a Grand Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Early Days in the Jedi Order

Yoda training with Master Gormo

Yoda was discovered by the Jedi somewhere around 1000 years before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) when he was traveling with a force-sensitive companion to seek employment in the core worlds. They were discovered by a Jedi Master (Master N'Kata Del Gormo) en route, and were taken to Coruscant to be trained as Jedi. Yoda became a great Jedi with much talent, skill, and power in the force, and by 800 BBY had already become a Jedi Master, and began training padawans to knighthood, which he would continue for the next 800 years.. He went on many missions and continued to train many padawans, and by 400 BBY was a very renowned Jedi Master, and could be compared to the greatest Jedi of old. Yoda also trained many Jedi in simply the art of lightsaber combat, including Cin Drallig, Oppo Rancisis, Tyvokka, Mace Windu, Dooku and others. Yoda also often taught youngling clans in the basic knowledge of lightsaber combat and using the Force, so he took some part in the training of nearly every Jedi in the Order.

Return of the Sith and Invasion of Naboo

By 200 BBY, the Jedi Masters, including Yoda, began to detect a change in the rhythm in the Force, possibly a return of the Dark Side. There were speculations that the Sith and other dark Force

Yoda serving on the Jedi Council during the Invasion of Naboo

users might be growing in power, but Yoda speculated it might have to do with the coming of the prophesied Chosen One, who would bring balance to the Force. These speculations were confirmed when the famous Invasion of Naboo took place by the Trade Federation, which was instigated by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, though the Jedi did not find out about that until many years later. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, had been sent to negotiate with the Trade Federation by the then Chancellor Finis Valorum. They ended up saving Queen Amidala and her entourage, and they evacuated Naboo under heavy fire. They ended up on Tatooine, where they ran into a young boy named Anakin Skywalker, who turned out to be the Chosen One and would later become a renowned, skilled, and extremely powerful Jedi Knight. The Sith Lord Sidious's apprentice, Darth Maul, was sent to track down the Queen on Tatooine, and ended up dueling Master Jinn. The Jedi Master finally left the fight, and escaped with Kenobi, Skywalker, the Queen, and the others. They reported to the Jedi High Council, which Yoda was the head of, what had happened. After the Battle of Naboo was finished and Darth Maul was presumed dead after being defeated by Jedi Apprentice Obi-Wan and almost fatally injuring his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, the Jedi began attempting to investigate the return of the Sith, and where the other Sith might be. This was about the time that the extremely talented and powerful Jedi Count Dooku left the Jedi Order, and eventually becoming a Sith Lord, though that was unknown to the Jedi Order until later.

Assassination Attempts

Senator Padme Amidala

In 22 BBY, former Queen and current Senator Padme Amidala was once again in danger, and assassination attempts on her life occurred, though they were all thwarted. These were caused by Jango Fett and Zam Wessel, bounty hunters hired to kill the Senator. Count Dooku, the Sith Lord (though that was at first unknown to the Jedi) was the employer, and had formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems (aka "Separatists') from the Republic. This did include the Trade Federation that invaded Naboo ten years previously. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his padawan, Anakin Skywalker, were sent to investigate the assassination attempts on Senator Amidala, and to protect her. Obi-Wan eventually discovered that ten years previously, close to the time of the Battle of Naboo, a Jedi Master named Sifo-Dyas had created a clone army for the Republic, forseeing that it would be needed in the future. Kenobi reported this to the Jedi Council, and came across the bounty hunter, Jango Fett, who had been responsible for the attempts on Amidala's life.

Battle of Geonosis

Kenobi followed the bounty hunter Jango Fett to the planet of Geonosis, where he found the Separatists with a large droid army. However, he was captured by the Separatists, though he had sent a message to Skywalker and Amidala during the capture that showed he had been under attack. The Jedi and Senator immediately went to Geonosis to save him, while Jedi Master Mace Windu, also a senior member of the Jedi High Council,

Jedi team in the Geonosian Arena

assembled about 200 Jedi to join him in trying to rescue Master Kenobi (though Windu's team arrived much later than Skywalker and Amidala). Yoda, however, left to Kamino to investigate the clone army that Kenobi had reported about. Meanwhile, Skywalker and Amidala had been captured also, and were sentenced to death and were put into an arena with Kenobi to be executed by three vicious carnivorous beasts. However, they managed to evade the attacks, getting control of one beast and using it as a mount, while killing one of the other two. Count Dooku and the Separatists weren't happy about this, so they sent a number of droids to finish them off. However, that was at the exact moment that Mace Windu approached the Count, lightsaber drawn, challenging him. The rest of the 200 Jedi entered the arena, lightsabers drawn and ignited. The Separatists sent their droid army into the Arena, and a large battle of Jedi vs. Droid ensued, killing most of the Jedi and destroying many of the droids. Eventually, after the Jedi had been reduced to about 20, and were surrounded by droids, they decided to keep on

Yoda, dueling Count Dooku on Geonosis

fighting and not surrender, which they realized would probably lead to their deaths. However, Yoda came just in time to save them, attacking the battle droids with the newly found clone army. This led to another battle outside of the arena, which involved the Jedi leading the clone troopers and their artillery to battle against the battle droids and their artillery, Yoda being the highest leader in this battle. However, he sensed something wrong, and went to join Kenobi and Skywalker in their duel against Count Dooku. When he got there, they were both on the ground severely injured, and in much pain. A duel then ensued between Yoda and his former lightsaber combat apprentice. The duel began as a force duel, and ended in a lightsaber duel, which Yoda seemed to be winning, despite his height disadvantage, shorter blade, and extreme old age. Count Dooku finally gave in, and escaped by making a large metal object fall on the Jedi, which caused Yoda to leave the fight and use all his might to stop. Dooku escaped, and Yoda took Skywalker and Kenobi back to the temple. The Republic had won the Battle of Geonosis, but the Clone Wars had begun.

Clone Wars

In 22 BBY, the year of the Battle of Geonosis, the Clone Wars began, clone troopers vs. battle droids.

Yoda during the Clone Wars

The clone troopers were led by Jedi, who had since become Jedi Generals and Commanders. Yoda became a High Jedi General, one of the few Jedi to become one, which was the highest rank a Jedi could hold in the Grand Army of the Republic. The battle droids, however, were led by the Sith Lord, Count Dooku, the Sith Acolyte, Asajj Ventress, the cyborg lightsaber duelist, General Grievous, many non force-sensitive tacticians, and other droids. Yoda became the highest Jedi leader of the Grand Army of the Republic, and did a lot of planning and strategy with High Jedi General Mace Windu, and some battlefield combat also. He mostly assigned Jedi missions and battles, though. Some battles and missions that he personally participated in were the Mission to Rugosa, Mission to Vjun, the Battle of Coruscant, and the Invasion of Kashyyyk.

Leading the War

As mentioned earlier, Yoda spent most of the time assigning missions and working out strategy with Windu, the Jedi High Council, Palpatine, and Organa. Yoda was involved in orders, planning, and strategy in the Malevolence affair, the capture of Nute Gunray, the Blue Shadow Virus, the Battle of Ryloth, the Battle of Utapau, and many other missions, affairs, and battles.

Battle of Axion

Yoda during the Battle of Axion

Yoda led clone troopers into battle during the Battle of Axion on top of his Kybuck and saved the life of Commander Brolis during the battle,

Skirmish on Ilum

Yoda traveled with Senator Amidala and Captain Typho to Ilum to save Jedi Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee. He had sensed that they were in danger there, and so he went forward to save them from a droid attack with Amidala following him a ways back.

Battle of Cristophsis

The Battle of Cristophsis was a battle between General Loathsome and an army of battle droids versus a portion of the Grand Army of the Republic led by Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, Clone Commander Cody, and Captain Rex. Admiral Wullf Yularen led the space battle. Jabba the Hutt contacted the Jedi asking for help in finding his kidnapped son, so Yoda chose Kenobi and Skywalker who were involved in the Battle of Cristophsis. They were in dire need of reinforcements, so Yoda went himself to lead the space battle with Yularen for a short time at the end of the battle.

Mission to Rugosa

Yoda during the Battle of Rugosa

Yoda was tasked with the Mission to Rugosa, where he was to lead negotiations with King Katuunko of Toydaria. He was accompanied by three clone troopers: Thire, Rys. and Jek. However, Dooku and his Sith apprentice, Asajj Ventress, decided to intervene by causing Yoda's ship to crash land on the planet. Dooku's droid army and Yoda's small team competed with each other to see who were the better fighters. Yoda led the clones in assaults and attacks, and they eventually came out victorious. Yoda narrowly saved King Katuunko's life and nearly captured Ventress, but she escaped. Katuunko decided to join the Republic, so his mission was successful.

Zillo Beast Affair

Yoda and the Jedi create a Force wall

Yoda was part of the team of Jedi that worked to defeat the Zillo Beast and stop it from destroying Coruscant and from killing Chancellor Palpatine and Senator Amidala. This beast had impenetrable armor, so it wasn't until a poison gas was delivered that they were able to defeat the beast.

Duel on Vjun

Yoda received a transmission from Count Dooku, his former lightsaber apprentice and the leader of the Separatist forces, that he wanted to defect to the Republic. Yoda was aware of his lies, but went anyway. He took Jedi Masters Jai Maruk and Maks Leem and their apprentices Whie Malreaux and Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy secretly to Vjun. They were captured and attacked by Asajj Ventress, but Yoda defeated her, and met up with Dooku. Dooku tried to turn Yoda to the Dark Side, but to no avail. Yoda tried to convince him to join the Jedi and abandon his evil ways. Yoda was starting to make some progress when Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi unexpectedly intervened, making Dooku angry, and Yoda and Dooku entered into another duel which they both survived.

Bpfasshi Affair

A group of Bpfasshi Dark Jedi were causing chaos in the Bpfasshi sector, so Yoda led a task force to take care of them. The task force defeated most of them, and Yoda personally dueled the last one. They ended up on Jorj Car'das's smuggling starship, and they had a duel that lasted for a day and a half. Yoda eventually defeated him,

Yoda and Mace during the Battle of Coruscant

and he made it to Dagobah to die, where a dark force nexus was formed, becoming the Dark Side Cave where Luke would later be tested.

Battle of Coruscant

Coruscant was attacked during the Clone Wars as a very daring show of force by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Yoda entered the battle on his kybuck to help Clone Captain Fordo. He later dismounted and aided Mace Windu on foot. The Chancellor had been kidnapped during the battle, and Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi killed Dooku and saved the Chancellor.

Order 66: Deception and Discovery

Order 66

Yoda and Clone Commander Gree on Kashyyyk

When the CIS invaded Kashyyyk, Yoda decided to lead the battle with Jedi Masters Luminara Unduli and Quinlan Vos and Clone Commander Gree. This was where Yoda was when Order 66 was given. Order 66 was an executive order given by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, commanding all clone troopers to kill their Jedi commanders. However, the attempt was unsuccessful, and Yoda with the help of the wookies and Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was able to defeat the turncoat clones. Even though all clones were ordered to do this, and were supposed to be completely obedient, the troopers had developed personalities and individuality during the war, so when they were commanded to kill the Jedi who had been their leaders and friends, many disobeyed. the majority of the clones refused, and the ones that obeyed were mostly killed by the Jedi and the loyal clones. Some clones, however, were successful in killing their Jedi leaders, and these rendezvoused with the other turncoat troopers.

Sidious Revealed

Windu's team of Jedi confronting Palpatine

Meanwhile, Chancellor Palpatine had been revealed as a Sith Lord (Darth Sidious) on Coruscant, and Mace Windu got a group of Jedi to join him in confronting Sidious. Anakin had been the one who found out, but still seemed to be loyal and a friend of Palpatine. Windu, not trusting him, told him to stay back while they confronted the Chancellor. Windu, along with Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, and Agen Kolar, challenged the Sith Lord, who drew a red lightsaber and accepted the chancellor. He injured Fitso, Kolar, and Tiin quickly, leaving Mace Windu to battle him. The duel continued for a while, neither gaining the advantage until Anakin entered the room. Windu called to him for help, but Sidious also, and Anakin obeyed Sidious, attacking Windu and leaving him exposed to an attack by the Sith Lord. Sidious used sith lightning to push Windu out the

Windu being shocked out of the window by Palpatine

window, and assumed him to be dead. Anakin bowed to Sidious, and Sidious officially made Anakin his sith apprentice, giving him the name of Darth Vader. He sent him to Mustafar to guard the Separatists from any attack while he addressed the Senate. Both left the room. Meanwhile, Windu had managed to land on a speeder, and tried to get back to the Chancellor's office. However, it was empty, so he contacted some other Jedi and they quickly made their way to the Senate room. Sidious declared himself Emperor in the Senate, with most of the Senate applauding him, while Senators Padme Amidala, Bail Organa, and Mothma were aghast. At this time, Mace Windu and a number of Jedi and loyal clone troopers (Order 66 had happened just previously) attacked the self-declared Emperor, who fled with all the Senators who were loyal to him (about 1/3 of the Senate). The Clone Wars are still continuing now, and the Sith Lord Sidious, formerly known and disguised as Palpatine, is now serving as an Emperor, ruling the part of the galaxy loyal to him, and leading the Empire in the Galactic Civil War against the Alliance to Restore the Republic (the Rebel Alliance), and leading the Separatists in the Clone Wars against the Republic on the other part of the galaxy.

Master vs Master

Yoda dueling Darth Sidious/Palpatine

Yoda and Kenobi decided that they needed to take care of the Sith once and for all, so they decided to start with the Imperial ones. Kenobi went to Mustafar to battle Vader while Yoda traveled to New Coruscant to battle with Sidious. Yoda arrived there, easily incapacitating Sidious's guards on his way in. He and Sidious then had an extremely intense duel, Sidious and Yoda being possibly the two most powerful beings in the Galaxy, excepting Darth Vader. They jumped from platform to platform, blocking and using Sith Lightning, lightsabers clashing. The Sith Lord began to become stronger in the duel, feeding on hate, while Yoda became weaker. Sidious threw Sith lightning at the Jedi Master once more, and Yoda caught it, and while molding the energy, saw a vision of the future, and realized that there was hope to defeat Sidious and Vader, and that Yoda couldn't afford to be killed in this confrontation. He released the energy, and both were thrown across the new senate room, holding on to Senate platforms. Yoda, using his small size to his advantage, snuck away through a pipe, Sidious assuming that he was dead. He joined up with Kenobi (who had just defeated Vader) and Bail Organa.

Mustafarian Duel

Darth Vader dueling Obi-Wan Kenobi

Anakin Skywalker, now known as the Sith Lord Darth Vader, traveled to Mustafar to protect the Separatist leaders, as he was commanded by Darth Sidious. Padme Amidala, his wife, worried about him, followed him there in her ship, not knowing that Obi-Wan Kenobi had hidden in her ship to tag along. She arrived on Mustafar shortly after him, and begged him to tell her that he hadn't turned to the Dark Side. He got mad at her, and then Obi-Wan left the ship to join them. Seeing Obi-Wan, he thought Padme had come to capture him with Kenobi, so he choked Padme, and knocked her unconscious. Obi-Wan stopped him from killing her, and this led to a long and grueling duel between the two. After battling for a long time, Obi-Wan gained the higher ground, and after begging him for the last time to leave the path he had stepped on to and return to the Jedi, but Vader refused. The Sith Apprentice jumped in the air at Kenobi, who cut off both legs and one of the arms of Vader. Vader feel downward onto the land right next to the lava pools, some of which landed on him, lighting him on fire. Obi-Wan took Skywalker/Vaders's lightsaber, and left him there, thinking him dead. However, Sidious came right after Kenobi left, and took the Sith Lord in, healing his wounds and placing him into a mechanical suit with many mechanical limbs, turning him into a cyborg. He truly became Darth Vader, serving his Master in the Galactic Empire and battling the Rebel Alliance.

The Future is Born

Luke and Leia Skywalker

Obi-Wan, Organa, and Yoda took Padme, who was injured, to the nearest place he could find, where she received medical attention. The medics there informed Kenobi that Amidala was dying from lack of will to live. It was also discovered that she was pregnant with twins, and that she would need to be operated on immediately to save them. Obi-Wan had them proceed, and a boy and a girl were soon born. Padme named them Luke and Leia, and made Kenobi promise that they would be safe. Knowing that they were Skywalker's children, Obi-Wan decided that they must be split up. Senator Bail Organa, who was there with Kenobi, decided to adopt Leia since his wife could not have children. Leia would grow up on Alderaan. while Obi-Wan decided to take Luke to Tatooine to live with his step-uncle and aunt, Owen and Beru Lars. Obi-Wan would travel to Tatooine every once in a while when he wasn't busy with the Clone Wars to keep an eye on Luke. He knew that it was Luke's and Leia's destiny to destroy the Vader and the Empire one day.

Deception Revealed

Soon after Obi-Wan, Organa, and Yoda left, to different places, thinking Padme was dead though she was only

Anakin Skywalker

sleeping (though she was dying), Anakin Skywalker entered the medical center, and seeing Padme dying, he cried out and ran toward her. Hearing his voice, Padme immediately woke up, still weak and dying, and was filled with fear, thinking that it was Vader coming toward her. Then, remembering that Vader had been decapitated by Kenobi, she was thoroughly confused. As he was coming toward her, she grabbed a comlink and told Obi-Wan to come to the medical center immediately. Kenobi was leaving Tatooine, where had already dropped Luke off with the Lars, and surprised that she was alive and worried at her tone of voice, came to the medical center as soon as possible. Padme refused to let Anakin come anywhere near her until Kenobi arrived. When he did, Obi-Wan was shocked and ignited his lightsaber immediately, pointing it at Skywalker, who fell to the floor in surprise. After a long and heated discussion, it was revealed that this was really Anakin Skywalker, who had been kidnapped by Sidious and Dooku a few weeks before. It turned out that it hadn't actually been Anakin who had turned to the Dark Side, but his older brother, Anakenny Skygate, who had looked almost exactly like him. Padme, now full of will to live, stopped dying and embraced him. Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Organa decided to keep the marriage a secret, and they, along with Padme, decided to keep Skywalker's children a secret from him, knowing they would grow up in a different part of the Galaxy from them, though he would later find out.


After Palpatine fled the Galactic Senate and turned one-third of the Galaxy into his Empire, resistance groups had formed over time. At one time a group of Jedi and other resistance members tried to form an alliance, but was never very successful because of a traitor in their midst that attacked them and ruined negotiations. The small group continued their resistance movement, but later, a true Rebel Alliance was formed by (mainly) the Corellians, the Alderaanians, the Mon Calamarians, and the Chandrilans. The four main leaders were Mon Mothma, Leia Organa, Garm Bel Iblis, and Ackbar. They were the largest threat to the Empire in the area of the galaxy under the rule of Palpatine.

Battle of Yavin

During the period of time after the formation of the Empire, Obi-Wan Kenobi would periodically live on


and Kenobi (disguised as an old man) on Tatooine during certain periods of time to keep watch on Luke Skywalker on the Lars farm. Eventually, Kenobi got a request from Princess Leia Organa, Luke's sister, to help her in the battle against Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious). Luke happened upon the message (which was with an R2 unit copy of R2-D2 and a protocol droid copy of C-3PO) first, and delivered it to Kenobi. Kenobi (who during his time on Tatooine disguised himself as an old man) revealed to Luke that he was a Jedi who had "served" during the Clone Wars, and that he knew Luke's father (and made Luke believe that he was dead). They eventually made their way to the Death Star (an enormous battle station created by the Emperor that had the power to destroy planets) to save Leia Organa, and during that time, Kenobi came across Darth Vader (Anakenny Skygate, who had turned to the Dark side). They had a duel, but Obi-Wan pretended to die as part of the plan for Luke and his battle against the Empire. Luke did not know that he had survived, however, and he had to escape the Death Star with Leia and their pilots, Han Solo and Chewbacca. They made their way to Yavin 4, the location of the Rebel Alliance Base, and Luke participated in a space battle that resulted in the destruction of the Death Star.

Training Luke Skywalker

A while later, the Rebel Alliance had relocated to a secret base on Hoth, an ice planet, and Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa were both on it. A vicious battle took place on the planet, and Obi-Wan traveled to the planet to give Luke a message. Luke was losing consciousness when Kenobi delivered it, so Luke, thinking Kenobi was dead,

Yoda training Luke on Dagobah

thought it was his spirit. The message was for Luke to go to Dagobah where he can learn from a great Jedi Master. After the Battle of Hoth, Luke and R2-D2 (clone) traveled to Dagobah, where Yoda sometimes dwelled to take a break from a Clone Wars. They came across Yoda, but Yoda pretended to be someone else to assess Luke's personality, abilities, emotional state, and patience. He figured out that Luke was reckless and impatient, and after taking Luke to his home, Yoda conversed with Obi-Wan, who was speaking through speakers at the elderly Jedi Masters home (to make Luke think it was the voice of Kenobi's spirit). Kenobi convinced Yoda that he should train Luke, and so Yoda did, taking Luke as his Jedi Apprentice for a short time. He taught Luke how to better connect and use the Force, and also trained him physically, testing his strength and endurance. He eventually brought Luke to the Dark Side Cave. a cave corrupted with Dark Side powers and energy, to have him face the Dark Side and his fears. He encountered an illusion of Darth Vader, and defeated him in a lightsaber duel, using the Dark Side in the process. After killing him, however, the helmet blew apart to reveal Luke's head inside, hinting to the fact that he would in effect kill himself if he began using the Dark Side. A while after doing this, Luke saw a vision of his friends, Han Solo and Leia Organa, suffering on a gas giant called Bespin. Yoda and Kenobi's voice warned Luke to not go, but he ignored the warnings and rushed off to Dagobah after Yoda taught him a lesson by lifting his X-wing starfighter out of the swamp with the Force. On Bespin, Luke lost his hand while dueling Darth Vader and nearly died.

Faked Death

Yoda, faking his death.

After Luke successfully rescued a Rebel friend from the infamous crime lord Jabba the Hutt, he returned to Dagobah (as he had promised he would) to complete his training. Yoda was there, and he talked with Luke for a little bit, before getting into bed, speaking metaphorically about him dying. Yoda had discussed plans for Luke's future with Obi-Wan, and had decided that his death must be faked for Luke to figure out his destiny for himself. Yoda told Luke that Darth Vader was his father, and that he must defeat Vader to complete his destiny. Yoda then pretended to die, and with the use of special effects and the Force, Yoda and Kenobi managed to create the illusion of Yoda's body disappearing to complete the deception. Luke then left the Yoda's hut, and talked with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had made himself look like a spirit. Kenobi revealed to Luke that he had a sister, who Luke figured out was Leia, and that she had the Force. He also repeated what Yoda had said, telling Luke it was his destiny to defeat his "father", Darth Vader. Luke left to the Rebel fleet to prepare to take on Vader and the Emperor, and to join them in their attack on the Empire's second Death Star.

Battle of Endor

Luke Skywalker on Endor

The Rebel Alliance had planned an attack on the Empire's second Death Star, in which the Emperor was currently residing. They were hoping that this would kill the Emperor and defeat the Empire once and for all. Luke joined Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and a Rebel task force in an attack on the Moon of Endor, where the shield generator for the second Death Star was located. However, the night before the attack, Luke allowed himself to be taken prisoner by the Imperials, and was taken to Darth Vader, who took him to Emperor Palpatine. Vader and Skywalker dueled, while the Emperor watched, waiting for the better opponent to win, so that whoever that was could become his next or same apprentice. The two battled relentlessly, and it ended in Luke defeating the Sith Lord, cutting off his mechanical hand and damaging his suit. The Emperor applauded, and attempted to make Luke his new Sith apprentice. However, Luke vowed swore never to join the Emperor, so the Emperor attacked him with Sith Lightning, forcing Luke to make a rushed escape out of the Death Star. That was good, because the strike team on Endor had destroyed the generator, allowing the Rebellion Fleet to attack the Death Star. Lando Calrissian led a group of fighters into the center of the Death Star, where they destroyed the main reactor, destroying the Death Star. Luke got out just in time, thinking that Vader and the Emperor had escaped. However, they had been deceived. Emperor knew of their plans, and had the whole Death Star evacuated prior to the attack, leaving only him and Vader with a couple of crew members and guards on board. They already had another Death Star being created elsehwere. Vader, Palpatine, and the few crew members and guards evacuated right after Luke did, meaning no one had been destroyed in the explosion. The Rebellion did not know that, however, and they celebrated the death of the Emperor on the Moon of Endor. They created a New Republic, a government to replace the Empire. However, a couple months later, the Emperor and Vader sent forces to attack the Rebels, and they realized that the Emperor had survived, along with Vader and most of their forces. The Rebellion regrouped their forces, and began planning their Rebellion against the Empire once more.


Yoda is the founder of the UPC, one of its most renowned and respected members.

Discovery of Earth

Earth, a distant planet deep in the Unknown Regions

While trying to find more civilized and intelligent life in the galaxy, the Republic finally decided to begin exploring the Unknown Regions, which had previously never been traversed before. When exploring these, they found more civilized plants and intelligent beings. However, the main place that they found was Earth. Earth was a planet deep in the Unknown Regions. It only had one sentient species: Humans, which exist on other planets also. It has been hypothesized that Earth was one of the planets that was colonized by humans who had developed hyperspace travel, but since they were so far away, had become stranded, and since their technology was no longer functioning, civilization on Earth had to restart their technological development, eventually getting to their technology in their modern era today, which is millenia behind the rest of Galaxy in terms of how advanced it is. However, they chose not to join the Republic, mainly because it was divided into different, independent countries that had no government ruling them together.

Founding of the UPC

The discovery of Earth gave Yoda an idea. As he had been searching the planet and trying to get a feel for what it was like, he found many various powerful groups of people with various powers and abilities. Yoda wanted an

Yoda and the rest of the Founding Fathers

organization that would involve the Republic and other powerful groups he found, that could be a more successful governing body of the entire galaxy than the Republic had been, though the organization he was thinking about would still contain the Republic, and the Republic would still have power over the systems loyal to it. Yoda eventually came up with the idea of the Universal Protection Council, which would consist of many different groups, the main being the Galactic Republic. He sent out Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Senator Amidala (who would later become the Vice Chancellor) as diplomats to discuss this idea with a number of groups of people he wanted to be part of this organization. Kenobi and Amidala first went to Aslan in Narnia, who was all over the idea and immediately accepted, Chiron in Camp Half-Blood, who was also in support of this idea but was going to have to work it out with the Greek gods, Kathryn Janeway and the Starfleet Starship Voyager, who was at first skeptical of this idea but finally gave in, and Superman in the Justice League, who after discussing with the other members of the League decided to join, and Albus Dumbledore, Minister of Magic in the Wizarding World and the Headmaster of Hogwarts, who discussed it with his staff and decided that he would be a part of this group. These groups of people eventually became Section I: Jedi, Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate, Section VI: The Lightning Thief, Section VII: Narnia, Section VIII: Justice League, Section IX: Star Trek Voyager, and finally, Section XIII: Harry Potter. These sections became known as the Founding Sections, and formed the UPC with eight other sections, which were later called the Original Sections. Yoda, Chiron, Aslan, Superman, and Dumbledore became known as the Founding Fathers. Since then, more than 40 sections in the UPC have been formed, nearly three times the original amount.

Presidential Elections

Being the founder of the UPC, it was only natural that Yoda was elected President of this body. Superman was elected as Vice President and Spiderman as Secretary, with Albus Dumbledore and Padme Amidala as

One of Yoda's campaign posters

Presidential Assistants (not Presidency Assistants, which were developed later). This was back when terms were not set, nor were the number of terms you can serve, but later it was decided that the UPC Presidency should have a re-election. Yoda was once again elected President, with Superman as Vice President once more, but this time with Chiron as Secretary. Spiderman was not re-elected. This time, however, no Presidential Assistants were elected, though a while after the election the positions of Treasurer and Presidency Assistant (PA) in the UPC Presidency were created, and Albus Dumbledore was elected as Treasurer with Chief of Control as PA. A while later, terms were officially created in a UPC meeting, and for the UPC President it was determined that each term would last three months, and there was a limit of three terms. There were no term limits for other members of the UPC Presidency, only the President, though a re-election occurs after every three terms for every position in the Presidency. After three terms as UPC Presidenty, the individual can't run for any position in the UPC Presidency. It was decided that the time Yoda spent as President before terms were set up did not count toward his terms, since terms had not been established during that time. Shortly after, the first UPC Presidency election occurred that involved terms, and Yoda was once again elected as UPC President, once again with Superman as VP, Chiron as Secretary, Dumbledore as Treasurer, and Chief of Control as PA, though he nearly lost to Aslan. Three months later, the Presidency election occurred once more, and this time Yoda had real competition- Commander Cody of Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones had decided to run for President, and had amassed a lot of popularity from his

Nasuada, the newest Secretary of the UPC

victories in the Clone Wars and against the GCC. When the results came back, he had actually had a very close tie with Yoda, so close that it was very hard to determine who had won. However, Cody and his supporters finally proposed that he would let Yoda become President if he could become the UPC Vice President. Yoda and his support conceded, and was elected as President again. This time, Albus Dumbledore was elected as Secretary, with Aslan as Treasurer and Chiron as PA. Superman and Chief of Control did not make it into the Presidency. Once again, three months later, the Presidency had a re-election, and Yoda was elected to serve his third and final term in the UPC Presidency, with Aslan as Vice President, Chiron as Secretary, Albus Dumbledore as Treasurer, and Superman as Presidency Assistant. Cody did not make it into the Presidency this time. Yoda finished his term on December 14, 2011, and still had much support and admiration from the people. The rest of the UPC Presidency even wanted to change the term rules to allow Yoda to continue to be President, but Yoda would not let them. During his final speech as UPC President, just prior to the UPC Presidency elections, Yoda announced that he supported Aslan as the new President of the UPC, which was one of the main reasons that Aslan won the election with such a large majority. Chiron was elected as Vice President, with Nasuada, the Queen of Araluen and president of Section XIV: Eragon, as Secretary (the first female ever in the UPC Presidency), Albus Dumbledore as Treasurer, and Mace Windu, vice president of Section I: Jedi (Yoda being president) as Presidency Assistant. The reason Windu was able to run was because Yoda had run out of terms.

UPC Supreme Court

After Yoda finished his final term as President of the UPC, he was no longer able to run for a position in the UPC Presidency, but other high positions were open to him. Because Yoda had been such a great leader, and

Chief Justice Yoda

because Aslan was sad to see Yoda as a simple section president, he decided to appoint Yoda as a UPC Supreme Court Justice. However, there were already 21 Justices in the Supreme Court, and the only way someone could leave the Supreme Court was if they chose to step down, all the other 20 unanimously voted to remove him/her, or if they commit some sort of crime. Aslan asked if one of the Justices would choose to step down to make space for the revered Jedi Master to be a part of the Court. They had a meeting to discuss this, and the majority of the Justices offered to step down, but Luke Skywalker, the Assistant Chief Justice, had already decided to step down previously to give him more time training other Jedi and serving in the field and in space. However, Finis Valorum and Thi-Sen also decided to step down, so Yoda was appointed by Aslan to become a Supreme Court Justice, while Glaedr and Eeth Koth were also added to the Court. They had a presidency election shortly after to decide the three presidency members, and Yoda was elected nearly unanimously as the Chief Justice. Mon Mothma, the former

Aslan, Yoda's successor as UPC President

Chief Justice was elected as the Assistant Chief Justice with Sensei Wu as Secretary of the Court. Yoda later apologized to Mon Mothma for taking her position, but she replied saying that she admired and revered Yoda was much as the rest, and couldn't think of anyone better for the position. Now, Yoda holds probably the third highest position in the UPC, still serving the UPC to his fullest capabilities in a very high position. He now serves as the Chief Judge with Aslan as Assistant Chief Judge and Wu as Secretary of the Court. He is also the Secretary of the UPC Government Council, Chironn being President, with Onaconda Farr (Speaker of the Senate) as Vice President, Gaeriel Captison (Speaker of the House) as Treasurer, and Padme Naberrie Amidala Skywalker (Organization Councils President) as Presidency Assistant.

UPC Government Council

Some time during one of Yoda's terms in the UPC Presidency, he formed the UPC Government Council, a council that consists of the leaders of all four branches, 19 people in all, and is the highest official council in the entire UPC. It is presided over by the UPC President as its President (naturally), the Speaker of the Senate as its Vice President, the Chief Justice as its Secretary, the Speaker of the House as its Treasurer, and the Organization Councils President as its Presidency Assistant. This council makes the most important decisions int he entire UPC. When Yoda was the President of the UPC, he was its President, and continued to serve there until December 14, 2012, when he was elected as Chief Justice, and from then on he began serving instead as its Secretary.


One of the reasons that the UPC was formed was so that they could unite and use their various powers, abilities,

Darth Sidious, founder of the UDC/GCC

and strengths to overcome their enemies once and for all. However, their enemies were not far behind. When the Sith Lord Darth Sidious' spies found out about the creation of the UPC, Sidious decided that it was actually a pretty good idea. He got together with the enemies (including the Titan Kronos, the evil wizard Voldemort, the White Witch of Narnia, the Borg Queen of the Borg Collective, and Lex Luthor of the League of Doom) of each of the sections of the UPC and formed a similar organization which instead of being based on saving and protecting the galaxy was based on conquering it and destroying the UPC. It became called the Universal Destruction Council, or the UDC, the archenemies of the UPC. Though it tried to use a democratic system to elected leaders, and democratic terms were used, such as president, vice president, secretary, etc., attaining those positions was mainly based on whoever had the most power at the time and had overcome the president before them, etc, which meant that the members of the UDC spent nearly as much time fighting with each other as with fighting against the UPC. This was one of the main reasons why the UPC has been so successful in its combat with the UDC. Since the start of the UDC, it has changed its name to the Galactic Conquest Council (GCC) since the original name didn't really convey their plan- to conquer the galaxy. Many more people and sections have been added to the GCC since its beginning, but Yoda's archenemy is still it's founder and president (most of the time), Darth Sidious. Yoda used to be a huge target by them, but since then, assassination and kidnapping attempts have lessened because of the fact that it is nearly impossible to kill Yoda, unless Sidious himself decides to face Yoda, which has only happened a couple of times, all of them resulting in both surviving.


Yoda has not participated in as many missions, battles, and combat experiences as some other members have (since the formation of the UPC) due to how busy he is, but he hasn't been totally inactive during this time. Very important missions are sometimes assigned to him due to his superior powers and skills.

Presidential Kidnapping

Bosco Albert Baracus, the Acting UPC President

Back when Yoda was UPC President, before terms had been established, the GCC planned a daring plot. They wanted to destroy the leadership of the UPC, hoping that it would cause the UPC to fall. They kidnapped the entire UPC Presidency, along with the presidents of the sections, and later, the vice presidents of the sections. At the time, Anakin Skywalker was the Organization Council President, and Obi-Wan was the Vice President, so they became the acting President and Vice President. They took control, and took a small team to Dantooine, where the GCC had placed the prisoners. By this time, the other members of the OCP had been kidnapped also, along with Onaconda Farr, so the next acting President was Bosco Albert Baracus, secretary of Section III: A-Team. They left him in charge while Kenobi and Skywalker led the attack on the GCC Dantooine base, and eventually rescued all the prisoners, including Yoda. In the meantime, BA proposed to the UPC about four times to have HM Murdock removed from the UPC. The proposition didn't pass a single time.

Other Information

Yoda holds Class Omega Security Clearance because Aslan allowed him to keep his Class Omega Security Clearance from his time as President of the UPC. Yoda was appointed to be the president of the Coruscant Base, the main UPC Meeting Base. He is responsible for working out the more administrative, financial, and practical aspects of the base with its General and Commander, Cin Drallig and Fox. Drallig is responsible for reporting the base's needs and activities to Yoda, who is then supposed to report them to the rest of the UPC.

Personality and Traits

Note: This information has been compiled from information from Yoda himself, co-workers, apprentices, friends, and acquaintances.

Yoda and his former apprentice, Dooku

Yoda has a complex personality, which is natural, considering he has had about 900 years for it to develop.

As a teacher, Yoda can be very strict. He can allow no leniency and enforce his will upon his apprentice or trainee, and make them perform difficult and challenging activities. However, he can also be kind and caring, understanding the student's pains and trials, and offering sympathy and aid. Yoda cares for his students and their success, which he demonstrated by continuing to desire Dooku's return after he turned to the Dark Side of the Force. Yoda never gave up on him, despite the terrible acts he had committed.

As a friend, Yoda could be caring and loyal. He was friends of King Alaric to the end, and was terribly sad to have to kill him, even though Alaric had betrayed him.

Yoda with Thire, Rys, and Jek

Yoda even demonstrated that he cared for clone troopers, considering them to be individuals, as he explained to a group of three clones (Thire, Rys, and Jek) that he went on a mission on with. Yoda was concerned for the welfare of his soldiers, and did everything in his power to ensure their safety and survival to a certain point, though he did have to kill some of them when Order 66 was given.

Yoda is known to be serious quite often, carrying much wisdom, which was how he rose through the ranks to become the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order and the UPC President. However, despite his seriousness and

Yoda with his cane

wisdom, he was known to be mischievious with his friends. Yoda also displayed many antics when Luke Skywalker came to Dagobah, though he was mostly acting to test Luke.

Though Yoda was not afraid to kill, as he has demonstrated on many occasions, with rebellious clone troopers, Yinchorri warriors, and even his friend Alaric. However, he was reluctant to do so, and despised the idea of taking life, though he understood its necessity in certain occasions, especially wartime.

Yoda was very odd in the fact that he often used a cane to walk and a hoverchair to get around when in reality, he could walk fine, and was more agile than most of the Jedi Order, despite his age.

Yoda had a habit of mixing up his sentences in an odd way. Whether it is a characterisic of his species or an odd habit is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Yoda, passing on his skills as a lightsaber duelist

Yoda was considered by many to be one of the most powerful and most skilled Jedi in his time and in all of Galactic History, coming close to some of the other renowned Jedi, such as Thon, Nomi Sunrider, and Luke Skywalker.

Yoda was one of the best (if not the best) lightsaber swordsman in the Jedi Order. He was elected and has remained the undefeated president of the Master Swordsman. He was even given the title of the Master Lightsaber Swordsman. The only Jedi that were ever considered somewhat close to Yoda in lightsaber combat in his time were Mace Windu, Depa Billaba, Dooku, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yoda was able to battle Sidious on close to equal terms, and though he lost, no other Jedi had ever been as successful as he had in having single combat with the Sith Lord. Yoda was able to duel the renowned Count Dooku on equal terms, and though he never defeated Dooku, Dooku was never able to defeat him.

Yoda, controlling Sith Lightning

Yoda was extremely talented with the Force and was very strong with it. He was able to effortlessly disarm and control the very adept Sith Acolyte Asajj Ventress. Yoda was able to block and control Sith Lightning with his own hands, a very difficult task. He was able to lift and hold heavy objects with the Force, as he demonstrated in his duel with Dooku on Geonosis, the Battle of Kashyyyk, and his training with Luke Skywalker on Dagobah. He also possessed many other Force abilities, easily able to control many minds with Force mind tricks. He was able to use Battle Meditation on many occasions to coordinate his troops and to increase the morale of his own army while destroying the morale of the enemy. Few other Jedi had Force powers comparable to his.

Yoda was also a skilled diplomat, and undertook many more difficult and sensitive missions.


The following are the different types of relationships Yoda had with other individuals he associated with.

Romantic Relationships


There are no truly known or proven romantic relationships for Yoda because of his strict obedience to Jedi laws, including the one regarding attachments. However, there have been rumors about possible relationships.


There have been rumors that there was something between Yoda and Jedi Master Yaddle, but the rumors have not been proven, and they are probably simply because Yoda and Yaddle are the same species.

Friendly/Aquaintance Relationships

The following are friends and acquaintances that Yoda had and their relationships with them.

Unidentified Force-Sensitive Human

This human was a friend of Yoda that attempted to travel to the core systems with Yoda on a broken down ship. They crashed on a planet and were taught by Jedi Master N'Kata Del Gormo in the ways of the Jedi. It is possible that they had been friends in their childhood as well, though because of the differences in age spans between their two species, Yoda may have been the equivalent of a human teenager when his friend was born.

Tera Sinube

Yoda was an old friend of Tera Sinube, an aged Jedi Master, though the length of their friendship may not seem as long to Yoda because of his long life span.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan was quite close to Master Yoda, especially after his Jedi Mentor, Qui-Gon Jinn, spent months in a hospital recovering from the injuries he received from his encounter with Darth Maul. Like many Jedi, Obi-Wan was taught by Yoda as a youngling, and Yoda tried to help him get over his arrogance, impatience, and anger. At first, Obi-Wan resented this, but grew to respect Yoda after a while. He would repeat Yoda's orders and teachings to Jinn on missions. Later, he would seek Yoda for advice and assistance, such as when he couldn't find Kamino in the Jedi Archives during the attempts on Senator Padme Amidala's life. Yoda also showed his care for Obi-Wan and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, when he let Count Dooku escape to save their lives on Geonosis. Yoda and Obi-Wan also shared a professional relationship, making decisions together on the Jedi High Council and in the Clone Wars. Yoda recognized Obi-Wan's talents and abilities, and sent him on many missions because of that. Yoda trusted Obi-Wan's judgement when he advised and corrected Yoda a couple of times while on Dagobah.


Alaric was the Sephi king of Thustra, and had been a friend of Yoda for about 200 years. Because the average life span of Sephis is about 400 years, This friend may have been closer to Yoda then most because he was alive during a longer portion of Yoda's life then most of his friends.

Tarfful and Chewbacca


Tarfful, a Wookiee chieftain, and another Wookiee, Chewbacca, were close friends of Yoda's. They helped Yoda to an escape pod when Yoda's clone troopers tried to kill him during the Battle of Kashyyyk. This showed that they were willing to risk or sacrifice their lives to save Yoda. Yoda showed his friendship for them by his parting words to both of them. He also had a professional relationship with them during the Battle of Kashyyyk when they worked together to defeat the droid army.

Mentor Relationships

Yoda had only one known Jedi Mentor, N'Kata Del Gormo.

N'Kata Del Gormo

Little is known about Yoda's relationship to his Jedi Mentor, N'Kata Del Gormo, but was probably thankful to the Master when he decided to teach Yoda and his friend how to use their powers and for saving them when they crash-landed on the planet.

Apprentice Relationships


Yoda had many apprentices, both with the lightsaber only and in formal master and padawan relationships.


Dooku was a lightsaber apprentice to Yoda though he was the apprentice to Thame Cerulian. Yoda was critical of Dooku's style and would point out any and all flaws he noticed. This caused Dooku to resent Yoda to some extent, but improved his skill with a lightsaber immensely. Later, when Dooku turned to the Dark Side, he and Yoda became enemies, though Yoda nearly turned him back to the Light on one occasion.


Ki-Adi-Mundi was a formal apprentice of Jedi Master Yoda for many years. Yoda taught him to fight with a lightsaber and to use his Force powers. On one occasion in his training when he was fighting a training remote, he became arrogant when Yoda warned him that he needed to watch his blind spot. He insisted that he didn't have one, so in response Yoda tripped him with his gimer stick. Ki-Adi-Mundi probably resented this at first, but it would make him a better warrior and Jedi. However, whenever Ki-Adi-Mundi had issues with his lightsaber or Force training, Yoda would always reassure him, showing that he cared for the young Jedi. Later, when Ki-Adi-Mundi showed interest in returning to his homeworld and saving his family from the attacks they encountered, Yoda warned and counseled the young Jedi about vengeance and anger.

Oppo Rancisis

Oppo Rancisis

Oppo Rancisis received training of some sort from Yoda, though he was the formal apprentice to Jedi Master Yaddle, and he did not react well to Yoda's advice, and tended to be rebellious and disobedient to the aged Jedi Master.

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker was trained by Yoda for a time on Dagobah, and that is where he encountered most of his Jedi training. When Luke first met Yoda, not knowing who he was, Luke was impatient and frustrated by Yoda's antics and behavior. However, when he discovered who he was, Luke gained a new appreciation for him, but resented that fact that Yoda thought that he was too reckless and young to be trained. He was frustrated by the difficult training that Yoda gave him, at one point deeming the task laid before him as impossible, but upon seeing the immense Force power that the small Jedi Master had, he gained a new respect for him. He still did not fully trust his judgement above his own, though, as was demonstrated when he left Dagobah to go to Bespin against Yoda's advice. Luke still held Yoda in high regard, especially after he realized that Yoda was right after his duel on Bespin. He was present when the Jedi Master "died", and was very sad to see him die. Luke continued to show his admiration and high regard for Yoda and his teachings when he repeated Yoda's teachings, quotes, and methods when training the original class and other trainees at his Jedi Academy.

Professional Relationships

Mace Windu

The following are some professional relationships Yoda held with individuals who he worked with.

Mace Windu

Jedi Master Mace Windu frequently worked with Yoda in the Jedi Order and the Grand Army of the Republic. Yoda being the Grandmaster and Mace Winudu being the Master of the Order meant that they were the two highest ranking members of the Jedi Order. Because of that, they often collaborated while planning things and making executive decisions. Often, during the Clone Wars, Jedi would report to them, not to the entire council, what had happened during their battle or mission. Yoda and Mace Windu trusted each other fully, and respected each other's judgement, though Mace Windu understood that Yoda was his superior in that aspect, and respected that. They would continue to work together in the UPC as the president and vice president of Section I: Jedi. Because of Yoda's busy work schedule, Mace Windu often made most executive decisions for the section, but he often consulted with Yoda before making these decisions, increasing the collaboration between them. They also worked together when Yoda was the Commander-in-Chief of the UPC Army and Mace Windu was the Assistant Commander-in-Chief.



Before it was discovered that Palpatine was a Sith Lord, Yoda had to collaborate and work with him on several occasions. Palpatine often discussed important matters with Yoda and other members of the Jedi High Council, such as during the attempts on Senator Padme Amidala's life. Yoda seemed to trust Palpatine to some extent, but began to lose that trust as the Clone Wars went on, and Palpatine continued to keep his emergency powers. During the Lanteeb affair, Yoda kept secrets from Palpatine, which showed his distrust, and Palpatine was furious about it, and realized that Yoda had figured out that Palpatine could not be completely trusted. On certain occasions, Yoda tried to save and protect the Chancellor, such as during the Zillo Beast attack and the Battle of Coruscant, but much of that was out of duty. At the end of the war, the Jedi High Council decided that they would have to take over the Senate and arrest Chancellor Palpatine if he didn't release his emergency powers. They had gotten to the point where they were essentially enemies. However, when it was discovered that Palpatine was a Sith Lord, Yoda was forced to duel Palpatine after he killed thousands of Jedi. After Palpatine fled the Senate with his followers to create an Empire, and later, the GCC, Yoda and Palpatine (now known as Sidious) became rivals and archenemies, both presidents of rival organizations, and the best lightsaber duelists in those respective organizaitons.


Yoda often collaborated with Aslan when they founded


the UPC together and as Yoda served as President of the UPC and Aslan rose through the ranks of the UPC Presidency. Eventually, they were President and Vice President together during Yoda's last term, indicating that Aslan would probably become the next President. Many thought Yoda would have or did resent him for that, after founding the UPC and serving as its leader for so long, but Yoda respected that his time was done, and seemed a little eager to have the responsibility taken off his shoulders. He supported Aslan as President, and Aslan showed his reluctance to take the position away from Yoda when he proposed that the constitution be changed to allow more terms. Yoda wouldn't allow him to do that, so instead Aslan appointed him as a Supreme Court Justice to allow him to continue to serve the UPC. They elected Yoda as Chief Justice, so Yoda was able to work with Aslan in the presidency of the Government Council. He later supported Aslan fully when he was elected as the Assistant Chief Judge in the Supreme Court after his terms were finished and he was added to the Court. Aslan became Commander-in-Chief, taking Yoda's place, but Yoda became the Grand Admiral of the Jedi Army, allowing him to collaborate with Aslan on the Council of Admirals, as he had done previously when Yoda was Commander-in-Chief and Aslan was a Grand Admiral. Now, however, Aslan is just an Admiral, and continues to work with Yoda. However, Aslan went beyond all that to show that he completely trusted Yoda and thought him worthy to visit Aslan's country with him, Dumbledore, Chiron, and Wu.

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore often worked with Yoda in the UPC Presidency and in the Council of Admirals. Both worked together to found the UPC, and then Yoda was elected President while Dumbledore served as the Treasurer and Secretary of the UPC Presidency on multiple occasions. Yoda supported Dumbledore and trusted him, as both were deemed worthy and trustworthy enough to visit Aslan's country. They both served on the Council of Admirals while Dumbledore was an Admiral and Yoda was the Commander-in-Chief and Grand Admiral. They were similar in the fact that they were both considered the best duelists with their respective weapons except possibly to their main rivals, Sidious and Voldemort, who both served on the Presidency of the GCC.


Yoda and Wu collaborated and worked together both in the Presidency of the Supreme Court and in the Council of Admirals. Yoda was elected as the Chief Justice upon entering the Supreme Court, and supported Wu's election as Secretary of the Court, knowing that he was wise and trustworthy as he had been deemed worthy by Aslan to visit

Sensei Wu

Aslan's country. They made important military decisions while Wu served as an Admiral and Yoda served as the Commander-in-Chief and as a Grand Admiral. Both were similar in the fact that they were trainers of younger warriors and were considered the best at their respective combat areas except to their biggest rivals, Sidious and Lord Garmadon. Yoda is currently Wu's mentor in the area of lightsaber combat.


Superman was the first Vice President of the UPC, earning nearly as many votes as Yoda, though the reason for that is unknown, since it was later realized that Superman did not possess the administrative skills and wisdom to serve in that position. He also served as the Presidency Assistant of the Presidency later on, and as he served in the UPC Presidency, Yoda accepted him being there, though he did not neccessarily support him. This caused some difficulty in their professional relationship, but they were able to work together well enough to make decisions and keep the UPC running. They also worked together on the Council of Admirals when Superman was an Admiral and Yoda was the Commander-in-Chief and a Grand Admiral. This time, Superman realized by himself that he was out of his league there, and resigned as an Admiral, becoming a General once more. Superman was essentially slighted later on once more when all the other members of the Presidency and Sensei Wu were deemed worthy to visit Aslan's country, and he was not, creating another rift in his relationship with Yoda.

Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma

Yoda has collaborated with Mon Mothma both in the Supreme Court, as high leaders in the galaxy, and as members of the Council of Admirals. Yoda took Mon Mothma's positon as Chief Justice, which many thought should have angered her, but she respected that he was more qualified for the position and respected him immensely for all his service in the UPC. They continued to work together as she was elected as Assistant Chief Justice, though she is now just a Supreme Court Justice after her resignation. Before that, however, they worked together to some extent when Yoda sent aid to the Rebellion, trying to help them to some degree to defeat the Emperor, who was Yoda's main rival. They also worked together on the Council of Admirals when Mon Mothma served as an Admiral and Yoda served as the Commander-in-Chief and a Grand Admiral.


Nasuada has not worked with Yoda much, except on the War Council and Government Council. Yoda supported her promotion to Grand General on the War Council, creating an easier professional relationship between them. Yoda also supported her election as Secretary of the UPC, even though she had not yet served on the UPC Presidency. They worked togetrher on the War Council and Government Council to make decisions, and seemed to work well together.



Chiron worked together with Yoda to found the UPC, to lead the UPC in the UPC Presidency, and to make important military decisions on the Council of Admirals. Chiron was elected as the second Secretary of the UPC, and continued to serve in a variety of positions in the UPC Presidency as the time went on, working with Yoda frequently. Yoda fully supported Aslan as the new President of the UPC when he was elected recently. They also served together on the Council of Admirals while Chiron served as an Admiral and Yoda served as a Grand Admiral and the Commander-in-Chief. They both trusted each other's judgement and wisdom as they were both deemed worthy to visit Aslan's country. They are similar in the fact that both are legendary trainers of amazing warriors, are amazing warriors themselves with their respective weapons, and are responsible for training warriors that will be responsible for saving Earth and the galaxy respectively. Yoda has also trained Chiron in lightsaber combat.

Bail Organa

Bail Organa was a senator that Yoda was often able to trust and collaborate with, one of the few trustworthy and non-corrupt senators. Yoda had learned to trust him from Obi-Wan during the Zigoola affair, and demonstrated that

Bail Organa

trust later during the Lanteeb affair. Bail Organa was one of the few people to have the ability to enter the Jedi Temple. He completely trusted Yoda's judgement, and Yoda also noted Organa's. During the time when Sidious defeated Yoda in a duel and fled Coruscant to create an empire elsewhere, Organa saved Yoda and brought him to Polis Massa to meet with Obi-Wan and Padme, who was giving birth to twins. Organa was the only person that Yoda and Obi-Wan knew could be trusted. Later, when he became the Chancellor of the Galactic Senate, Yoda had to work with him as the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, a High Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic, and as the President of the UPC working with the leader of the largest (by far) organization in the UPC. They would continued to work together in the Supreme Court when Yoda was appointed to be its Chief Justice, and was fully supported by Yoda when Organa decided to resign from the Supreme Court to run as the Vice President of the UPC.

Padme Amidala

Padme Amidala was a senator in the Galactic Republic who Yoda could trust, being one of the few trustworthy and non-corrupt senators. She trusted Yoda completely, while he cared for her well-being. During the attempts on her life

Padme Amidala

just prior to the Clone Wars, Yoda commented to her in the Chancellor's office that seeing her alive brought warm feelings to his heart. They also worked together on Ilum, and when Yoda didn't come back after a certain amount of time, Padme got concerned for his safety, and went after him. Yoda, Kenobi, and Organa were overseeing her medical treatment and the birth of her children at Polis Massa when they were informed that she was dying. They were all saddened and upset by that, showing that they all cared for her welfare. Yoda now works with Padme on the UPC Government Council as she is the new Organization Councils President,

CC-4477 (Thire)

Yoda worked with CC-4477, nicknamed "Thire", when Yoda went on a diplomatic mission to Rugosa. There, he worked with Thire and two other clone troopers to battle a droid army. They trusted Yoda, and obeyed him due to his superiority, but were skeptical of him at first. Yoda told Thire that he needed to be patient instead of rushing into battle, which he eventually learned later in the battle, showing that he trusted Yoda's judgement.


Yoda with Rys, Thire, and Jek on Rugosa

Yoda worked with Rys when Yoda went on a diplomatic mission to Rugosa. There, he worked with Rys and two other clone troopers to battle a droid army. They trusted Yoda, and obeyed him due to his superiority, but were skeptical of him at first. Yoda told Rys, that he shouldn't focus on his enemies so much, and should attain inspiration from himself and his allies, which he eventually did later in the battle, showing that he trusted Yoda's judgement.


Yoda worked with Jek when Yoda went on a diplomatic mission to Rugosa. There, he worked with Jek and two other clone troopers to battle a droid army. They trusted Yoda, and obeyed him due to his superiority, but were skeptical of him at first. Yoda told Jek that his most powerful weapon was not "the hardware that he lugged around" but his mind, which he eventually learned later in the battle, showing that he trusted Yoda's judgement, and because of that was able to save Yoda's life.


Yoda on Dagobah

Yoda's birth planet is unknown (it is referred to as Yodaria), but Dagobah is one of the suspected locations, as he has lived there a number of times. He is a member of a species which is also mysterious and unknown, though members of the species are now called "Yodans". Like the other members of his species, Yoda is short, with green skin and eyes, and with a small amount of gray hair on parts of his head. When he was younger, he had more hair, but is now 900 years old. Jedi tend to live longer than other members of their species (unless they die in combat first), and that may be part of the reason that he has lived so long, but it is suspected that members of his species have a much longer average lifespan than humans do.

Organization Councils

Due to his large amount of responsibility from his positions as the President of the UPC (formerly) and the Chief Justice (currently), he has not joined or been asked to join any Organization Councils.

UPC Army

Yoda clone wars.jpg

Yoda was previously Admiral of the Jedi Army, but when the UPC Armies became more organized, Yoda was removed and replaced by Mace Windu. He became Commander-in-Chief of the UPC Armies because he was UPC President. He was in command of all the UPC Armies, and the two people directly under him are Assistant Commander-in-Chief and 2nd Assistant Commander-in-Chief Mace Windu and Garm Bel Iblis. However, after Aslan became President, he also became Commander-in-Chief, leaving Yoda without a position. A proposition was made that would remove both Assistant Commander-in-Chiefs from being Admirals or Generals in their Armies, leaving the Jedi Army without an Admiral. Yoda became its Admiral once more, and was then promoted to Grand Admiral.


  • Yoda during the Battle of Kashyyyk

    Skirmish on Dathomir
  • Raid on the Jedi Temple
  • Mission to Mawan
  • Bpfasshi Affair
  • Clone Wars
    • Battle of Geonosis
    • Battle of Axion
    • Battle of Cristophsis
    • Battle of Coruscant
    • Battle of Kashyyyk
    • Skirmish on Ilum
    • Skirmish at the Jedi Temple
    • Mission to Rugosa
    • Zillo Beast Affair
    • Duel on Vjun
    • Duel in the Senate


  • Coruscant Jedi Temple

    Coruscant Jedi Temple
  • Coruscant Meeting Base
  • Dagobah Hut
  • Yodarian Home
  • Washington, D.C. Meeting Base
  • Narnia Meeting Base
  • Yavin 4 Jedi Temple
  • Yavin 4 Base
  • London, England Base
  • Ninjago Base
  • Starship UPC
  • Starship Voyager
  • Starship Enterprise
  • Algaesia Base
  • Kamino Base
  • Starship Enterprise

    Araluen Base
  • Naboo Base
  • Alderaan Base
  • Egypt Base
  • Kashyyyk Base
  • Hoth Base
  • Mon Calamari Base
  • Moon of Endor Base
  • New York City, New York Base
  • Los Angeles, California Base
  • Paris, France Base
  • Rodia Base
  • Dantooine Base
  • Pantora Base
  • Corellian Base
  • Moscow, Russia Base
  • Tokyo, Japan Base
  • Yoda's Fleet Flagship


  • Admiral (Former Jedi Army)
  • Grandmaster (Jedi Order)
  • Councilor (Jedi High Council)
  • High Jedi General (GAR)
President of the UPC
2008-2012 Aslan
Chief Justice of the UPC Supreme Court
Mon Mothma
2012-PD None
President of Section I: Jedi
2008-PD None
Commander-in-Chief of the UPC Army
2011-2012 Aslan
(Grand) Army of the Jedi Army
2011-2011 Mace Windu
President of the Master Swordsman
2011-PD None
Grand Master of the Jedi Order
Fae Coven
500 BBY-PD None
High Jedi General of the Grand Army of the Republic
22 BBY-PD None


  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace {Frank Oz and Warwick Davis}
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones {Frank Oz}
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith {Frank Oz}
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back {Frank Oz}
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi {Frank Oz}
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars {Tom Kane}
  • Jedi Apprentice Series
  • Jedi Quest Series
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series
  • Various Old Republic Era Books
  • Various Clone Wars Books
  • Various Rebellion Era Books
  • Various Video Games {Tom Kane}

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