Note: The Universal Protection Council (UPC) is an organization created by the editors of this wiki, not an existing one that you can find information about on the Internet. If you do not understand what the UPC is or want more information, I recommend that you either visit the UPC page, the About page, or contact User:Macewindudoggy, User:Anaken21sec1, User:ObiKenobiUPC, User:Legoclones.

This Edit Policy is still being created, and is a work in motion. Please excuse the incompleteness.

This is the edit policy for the UPC Wiki, and includes all rules, policies, and mandatory ways of writing for the Universal Protection Council Wiki:


  • All names and places must be capitalized. Name Examples: John Smith, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Place Examples: Naboo, Earth, Montana.
  • Organization/Advisory names must be capitalized. Examples: Security Council, Diplomats Council, Manufacturing Council
  • Section names must be capitalized and italicized. Examples: Section I: Jedi, Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones, Section I: Sith. However, if you simply refer to a section and its number, you still need to capitalize it, but italicizing is not necessary. Examples: Section 6, Section 31.
  • All organization's names must also be capitalized. Examples: Master Swordsman, UPC Supreme Court, Females Council, UPC Presidency.
  • UPC Militaries must be capitalized, and Army must always be capitalized when it is referring to a UPC Military . Examples: Jedi Army, Star Trek Army.
  • Ranks must be capitalized, whether it refers to a UPC Military , GCC Army, or Non-UPC/GCC Army. Examples: Captain, General, Admiral, Major, High Private, Ensign.
  • For presidency positions in the UPC and GCC, only presidency positions in the UPC Presidency, UPC Senate, UPC House of Reps, UPC Supreme Court, or OCP are capitalized. Presidency positions in section presidencies, OC presidencies, and other UPC organizations are not capitalized unless they are used before the persons name. Examples: Yoda is the President of the UPC and the president of his section. Luke Skywalker is the Assistant Chief Justice of the UPC Supreme Court, the president of his section, and the vice president of the Master Swordsman. Members of Section 14 would refer to Nasuada as President Nasuada because she is the president of the section.
  • Presidency positions in non-UPC or non-GCC organizations may or may not be capitalized depending on how it is supposed to be. There is now wiki rule for such things, simply follow the guidelines already defined in that organization.
  • Senator and Representative are only capitalized if it is referring to a member of the UPC Senate or UPC House of Reps. If it is referring to a United States senator or representative or Galactic Senate senator or representative, they are only capitalized if they are used as a title preceding the name of someone who holds that position. Examples: Senator Kharrus is a senator in the Galactic Senate. Agent 13 is a Senator in the UPC Senate.

Writing in General

Proper English must be used in all writing. Mistakes are okay, everyone makes them, but you must be trying hard to obey proper English when writing. You should always proofread and edit your writing before publishing. Wikis do not have spell check, so you need to edit things yourself. I suggest that you write the contents of your article on Microsoft Word or something with spell check, and then copy it onto the article page. If there are common errors that are seen in your writing, or numerous errors that are obvious and are not fixed, it may result in a warning or blocking, if it is deemed as an action made because of laziness or lack of regard for the guidelines of this wiki. Please report any infringement of this guideline to an administrator.

People Page Format

Note: This is the proper format, but was formed recently. Only one page on UPC Wiki is in this format so far, Yoda. Use his page as an example. The others are still a work in progress.

Top of Page

The top of the page should include an infobox (see the infobox section) and important information, such as their position in a section (if they are in one), and any major position that they hold or have held in the UPC. There is no specific guidelines necessarily for this section, but it should be short.

Biographical Information

Personality and Traits

Powers and Abilities


Relationships can have up to six sections, depending on the knowledge known about the character and what kind of a person they are. They are (in this order) Romantic, Friendly/Aquaintance, Family, Mentor, Apprentice, and Professional. Mentor and Apprentice mostly apply to Jedi, family may not be known, and this person may have not had any romantic relationships. People can be used in different sections if they fall under two different sections very well, such as if the person was in love with their mentor, but please try to avoid it.


Romantic relationships should include anyone that this characters has been in a romantic relationships with, such as spouses (relationships before marriage), girlfriends, or boyfriends. However, it can also include crushes, or rumored love.

Examples: Luke Skywalker: Leia Organa Solo, Callista Ming, Mara Jade Skywalker, Alexandra Winger, Dani, Shira Brie, Tanith Shire, S'ybll, Gaeriel Captison, Mary, Jem Ysanna, Akanah Pell, Teneniel Djo


Friendly or acquaintance relationships should include all people that this person is a friend with, or close to in a way that is more than professional but not romantic.

Examples: Obi-Wan Kenobi: Bant Eerin, Dexter Jettster, Garen Muln, Quinlan Vos, Nield, Bail Organa.


Family relationships should include anyone that the characters is related to if knowledge about their relationship is known.

Examples: Leia Organa Solo: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo, Mara Jade Skywalker, Ben Skywalker, Allana Solo, Tenel Ka Djo Solo, Bail Organa, Breha Organa, Thrackan Sal-Solo.


Mentor relationships should include all mentors that this person has had if knowledge about their relationship is known.

Examples: Anakin Skywalker: Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Apprentice relationships should include all apprentices that this person has had if knowledge about their relationship is known.

Examples: Qui-Gon Jinn: Xanatos, Obi-Wan Kenobi


Professional Apprentice relationships should include all professional relationships that this person has. This can include anyone, in or out of the UPC.

Examples: Yoda: Mace Windu, Palpatine, Aslan, Albus Dumbledore, Wu, Superman, Mon Mothma, Nasuada, Chiron, Bail Organa, Padme Amidala, CC-4477 (Thire), Rys, Jek.


Organization Councils

UPC Military





Appearances are what movies, books, series, tv shows, etc. that the person, organization, etc. has been in. This is only necessary if the person, organization, etc. is not an original UPC creation. For example, the Millenium Falcon or Obi-Wan Kenobi would need an Appearances section, but the Security Council and the Coruscant Base (UPC) would not. Here is a list of what is acceptable or necessary for an appearance section for people or things in different sections or types of sections:

Star Wars:

Appearances on Star Wars people do not include every single book, comic, article, etc. that the person is in. Mostly, it only includes the episodes and if they have been in Clone Wars. However, other somewhat major book series and such may be included. If the person is not in any major series, any of the episodes, or Clone Wars, whatever source they are mainly or originally from or are mostly associated with may be used. Here is a bulleted list of appearances that are acceptable. If you do not see any sources here that the person is from, either do what was mentioned earlier or contact an admin to request that a certain source be added to this list:

  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  • Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  • Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (As Force Ghost)
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (As Force Ghost)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Han Solo Trilogy
  • Last of the Jedi Series
  • Thrawn Trilogy
  • Corellian Trilogy
  • Jedi Apprentice Series
  • Jedi Quest Series
  • The Hand of Thrawn Duology
  • Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy
  • Tales Trilogy
  • Young Jedi Knights Series
  • Jedi Academy Trilogy
  • New Jedi Order Series
  • Legacy Era Material (This includes any books or series of books that occur after the New Jedi Order Series)
  • X-wing Series
  • Various New Republic Era Books (Individual books that occurred in the New Republic Era. This would include books such as: Planet of Twilight, Children of the Jedi, Crystal Star, The Courtship of Princess Leia, Truce at Bakura, Darksaber, I, Jedi, and many more)
  • Various Rebellion Era Books (Individual books that occurred in the Rebellion Era. This would include books such as Shadows of the Empire, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, and many others)
  • Various Clone Wars Books (Individual books that occured during the Clone Wars. This would include books such as Slaves of the Republic and others)
  • Various Old Republic Books (Individual books that occured before the Clone Wars. This would include books such as The Approaching Storm, The Wrath of Darth Maul, and many others)
  • Republic Commando Series
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series
  • Boba Fett Series
  • Rebel Force Series


Appearances for A-Team members only need A-Team, and then the seasons the characters have been in afterwards (if known), also in italics. Here are some examples:

  • A-Team, Seasons 1-5
  • A-Team, Season 3
  • A-Team, Seasons 1-3, 5

Get Smart:

Appearances for Get Smart members only need Get Smart, and then the seasons that the people have been in afterwards (if known), also in italics. Here are some examples:

  • Get Smart, Seasons 1-5
  • Get Smart, Season 2
  • Get Smart, Seasons 1-3, 5

Star Trek:

Appearances for people or things in Star Trek only need whether they were in the Star Trek Film (2009) and any other major Star Trek series that they have been in. If this person is only found in Star Trek books, those may be included. Following is a list of acceptable series and appearance entries for Star Trek characters. This does not include books or series. Note: At the time that this was written, only the characters from the Star Trek Film (2009) and the characters from Star Trek Voyager were in the UPC. If that has changed, please contact an admin to allow them to update this portion of the Edit Policy.

  • Star Trek Film (2009)
  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Star Trek Films 1-7 (insert only the numbers for the films they have been in)
  • Star Trek: Voyager '(specify seasons)

External Links


Every word must be capitalized in category titles. After making a new category, you must create its category page. On this page, you should start with "This category is for all" and then you might say "members of the A-Team" or "inhabitants and natives of the planet Naboo" or "members of the Gran species", etc. Then you should add all the categories that that category should have, and each category should have the category "Category" added. Categories can and often are added to their own category, but in some cases should not be. If you are unsure, consult User:ObiKenobiUPC.


  • All affiliations that the person has should be added as a category. This includes the section (which is written simply as "Section 6' or "Section 31", just "Section" and the number), Organization/Advisory Councils, UPC Military , UPC Government Branch, and any other affiliations that the person may have outside the UPC. Even the affiliation that the person has that makes up his section should be added. For example, members of Section III: A-Team would still have "A-Team" added as a category.
  • The species that person has should also be added as a category. Examples: Human, Gran, Lion. However, if the person is a demigod, witch, or wizard, they are still considered human, so you add "Human" and "Demigod" or "Wizard" or "Witch".
  • The planet that the person is native to should also be added as a category. However, though the planet category should have the system that it is in added as a category, the person should not have the system or region or anything like that added. Only the planet. Normally, this is the planet that they are born on, but sometimes that is unknown and the person has their current home planet or the planet they've lived most of their life on. For example, it is unknown what planet Anakin Skywalker is native to, but most of growing up he lived on Tatooine, so his home planet is listed as Tatooine.
  • Any other categories that the person should have from a Wiki point of view, such as "Featured Article", or "People Without An Infobox", or "Unfinished" should also be added.


  • Sections should have the category of "Section" added, and then "Original Section" or "Founding Section" if they apply
  • Sections should also have their section category added. For example, Section VII: Narnia should have the category "Section 7" added.
  • Sections should also be classified by one of the following categories:Realistic Section, Sci-Fi Section (Science Fiction Section), Fantasy Section (magic involved), and Historical Section (you might have historical and realistic for the same section).
  • Section may also have a separate grouping category, such as all Star Wars Section has the category "Star Wars Section".
  • Section Template page.

People Infoboxes

Every person page that is made should have an infobox. The format for the infobox of a member of the UPC is as follows:

Full Name of Person
Image Size (Number px)px
Caption for photo (if desired)


Proper Section Name (no italics- you can't italicize something in an infobox) and position in section immediately after with a colon in between. If someone does not hold a presidency position or backup position in the section, put member

Organization Councils:

List each Organization Council that the person is currently part of with an * right before each name and no space in between. After each Council, put a colon and then their position in it, whether it be a presidency position or simply "member"


Put down the UPC Army they are part of, put a colon immediately after, and then the rank they hold. If they are not part of any UPC Army, put "None".

Other (UPC):

With an * immediately before each item, list anything else that this person is a part of in the UPC that isn't classified under their section, OC/AC, or Army. Examples: UPC Presidency: Treasurer, UPC House of Reps: Representative.

Home Planet/Species:

Pretty straightforward. Put the person's home planet, then a forward slash, and then their species. Wizards/Witches are still regarded as humans for the most part, so for them, put "Human" for the species, but after it put Wizard or Witch in parentheses

Outside Affiliations:

Here, in bullet form (* before each item), put any affiliations that the person has that aren't part of the UPC. Examples: Galactic Republic, Jedi Order, A-Team, Master Swordsman.

Primary Weapon:

The main weapon that the person uses. Examples: Blue-Bladed Lightsaber, Sword, Electric Spear, Bow and Arrow, Superpowers- Superstrength. If this person does not have a weapon that they typically use or doesn't fight at all, put "None".

Security Clearance:

Put their security clearance here.


Put any mentors or masters in any form that this person has had. If there are none, exclude this section.


Same as Masters.

All words in an infobox should be capitalized. The infobox should be placed at the very beginning of the persons page (not on a Title 2 or anything like that), but should be aligned right.



Section I: Jedi: President




Jedi Army: Grand Admiral

Other (UPC):

Home Planet/Species:


Outside Affiliations:

  • Jedi Order
  • Jedi High Council
  • Grand Army of the Republic
  • Master Swordsman (President)

Primary Weapon:

Green-Bladed Lightsaber

Security Clearance:

Class Omega


  • N'Kata Del Gormo


People who are backups in the UPC have infoboxes exactly the same as members of the UPC, except they do not have the Organization/Advisory Councils portion, so that is removed and everything below it moves up one.

(This is an example of an infobox for a Backup of the UPC) Roth-Del Masona
Roth-del masona


Section I: Jedi: Assistant Backup


Jedi Army: Colonel

Other (UPC):


Home Planet/Species:


Outside Affiliations:

  • Jedi Order
  • Grand Army of the Republic

Primary Weapon:

Blue-Bladed Lightsaber

Security Clearance:

Class D

Infoboxes for people who are not members or backups of the UPC are the same as infoboxes for members of the UPC except they do not have the Organization/Advisory Councils and Other (UPC) portions, Outside Affiliations is changed to Affiliations, and the section that you put is not what they are part of, but what they would be in if they were part of the UPC or the section that the organization or governing body that is in charge of them is part of. If they are a former member of this section, you may put "Former Member", or "Former Backup", or whatever they were when they were part of.

(This is an example of an Infobox for someone who is not a member of the UPC) Siri Tachi
Siri Tachi

Assigned Section:

Section I: Jedi


Jedi Army: Colonel

Home Planet/Species:



  • Jedi Order
  • Grand Army of the Republic
  • Krayn's Organization

Primary Weapon:

Purple-Bladed Lightsaber

Security Clearance:

Class E



  • Ferus Olin

Section Pages


The title of  a section page should be labled: Section (section number in roman numerals): (section name).

Example: Section I: Jedi

Top of Page:

THe top of the page should include what this section is made up of (as in what movie, book, etc.). 

Example: Section I Jedi:

This section is comprised of Jedi from the Jedi Order during the time of the Galactic Republic.

Notice: The word section should be linked to the page "Section ." 


Give a history of the section