Superman (Kal-El or Clark Kent)


Section XVII: Justice League: President


SOB Team/Position

Team Mem/Captain

Other (UPC):


Home Planet/Species:


Outside Affiliations:

  • Justice League
  • Daily Planet
  • Metropolis Star
  • New Krypton

Primary Weapon:

Superpowers- Superstrength, Superspeed, Flight, Laser Vision, Freeze-Breath

Security Clearance:

Class Alpha

Kal-El, also known as Clark Kent and "Superman", was the president of Former Section VIII: Justice League, and the former Vice President of the UPC. He was the very first Vice President, elected underneath President Yoda, and was re-elected and served one term in office. However, he was not re-elected to serve a second term, his position taken by President Cody of Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones. However, in the following election, Superman did acquire the position of Presidency Assistant, but was not re-elected in the latest election.

Non-UPC infoEdit

Superman is the son of Jor-El and the adopted son of the Kents. His real name is Kal-El, his common name is Clark Kent, but his superhero name is Superman. He is a superhero impervious to everything, has super speed, super strength, laser vision, flight powers, incredible hearing and sight, X-ray vision, super-breath, and can hold his breath for 20 minutes. He is the leader of the Justice League, the husband of Lois Lane, and a reporter for the Daily Planet.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Superman is a member of the Security Council.

UPC ArmyEdit

Superman was the Admiral of the Superhero Army, though he was General before his promotion and was recently demoted to General again. He works underneath the Council of Admirals, co-works with the members of the War Council, and is the direct commanding officer of Commanders Aquaman and Black Vulcan.


President (Section)

Vice President (Former UPC)

Presidency Assistant (Former UPC)

Admiral (Former Superhero Army)

General (Superhero Army)