Super Doggy (Little Big Doggy)
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Section XXX: Super Pets Vice President

Organization/Advisory Councils

  • Magic/Powers Council: 2nd Rep
  • Tactics Council: Member
  • Security Council: Member


Super Pets Army: Commander

Other (UPC)


Home Planet/Species

Earth/Dog (Superpet)

Outside Affiliations

  • Dog Star Patrol

Primary Weapon

Superpowers- Super Strength and Flight

Super Doggy is the vice president of Section XXX: Super Pets. Super Doggy is a rather recent addition to
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Big Doggy with Super Doggy

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Super Puzzy with Super Doggy.

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Super Puzzy, Big Doggy, and Super Doggy.

Brainy Barker and Kryto's superdog team.

Biographical InformationEdit

Days Being in the Super Dog Presideenty:Edit

Super Doggy is currently the Sectery of the Super Dog Organazation. It's hard for Super Doggy becaus she is the Youngest Super Dog ever as she reaches the age of eighty-one. Super Doggy has been in the Super Dog presidenty for almost three years and she has made alot of records.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Romantic: Edit

Super Doggy's Spouce's name is Classifide.


Supper Dogg​y's friends are Supper Dec, Super Kec,and Super Bec. These are Super Doggy's friends becuas Super Doggy trys to meet every member in the presidenty for the Super Doggs.


Super Doggy has manny people in her Family. Most of the Army and is Super Doggy the Section are Either Super Doggy's Children, granchildren, nufue, neese, gran neese, or grannufue. The names of her Children are Super Puzzy, Super Puppy, Black Doggy, Blue Doggy, Cute Doggy, Soft Doggy, Octupus, Monkey, Bull Doggy, Waldo Doggy, Hosey, Jack (SD), Tiny Tom Bronco Doggy, Froggy The King of Ducks, Donelde, Blue Bare, Pink Dinosaur, Terra, and Spidi. Super Doggy's granchild is Zorzy. The rest of Super Doggy's Family is not that close.


Super Doggy's Porfessional relasionships are Streaky and Paw Pooch from weking with her section.


Oganization CouncilsEdit

Super Doggy currently serves as the treasurer of the Magic/Powers Council and a member of the Security and Tactics Council.

UPC ArmyEdit

Super Doggy is currently a Commander in the Super Dog Army.



  • Manhattan Base
  • New York City



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