The Skilled Swordsman is an organization made up of the second 20 best Jedi Swordsman.


Description and HistoryEdit

This organization was made to work with the Master Swordsman to train other Jedi, develop new lightsaber combat techniques and styles, and to help govern lightsaber combat in the UPCom. This organization contains the lower 20 Jedi of the top 40 Jedi Swordsman in the UPCom. These are members of the Old and New Jedi Orders. The former president was Cin Drallig, but no other presidency members have been elected yet. Of the twenty original members, only eighteen remain. Lowbacca and Dorsk 81 were replaced with Nichos Aplina and Kam Solusar. Cin Drallig was promoted to be a member of the Master Swordsman, and Kyp Durron replaced Drallig here in the Skilled Swordsman.

This organization also contains "Practicioners" of each lightsaber form, plus Jar'Kai, similar to the Master Swordsman's "Masters".

Technically, the Skilled Swordsman should have been called the "Skilled Swordsmen", but since it was already called the Skilled Swordsman everywhere, they decided to just keep the name. The Master Swordsman had the exact same predicament.

For more info, please visit the Master Swordsman.

Members ListEdit

Stass Allie

Stass Allie

Eeth Koth (President)

Kyle Katarn (Vice President)

Oppo Rancisis (Secretary)

Nichos Aplina (Treasurer)

Tyvokka (Presidency Assistant)

Even Piell (Practicioner of Form I: Shii-Cho)

Quinlan Vos (Practicioner of Form II: Makashi)

Yaddle (Practicioner of Form III: Soresu)

Aayla Secura (Practicioner of Form IV: Ataru)
Quinlan Vos NEGTC

Quinlan Vos

Kam Solusar (Practicioner of Form V: Shien)

Anoon Bondara (Practicioner Form VI: Niman)

Depa Billaba (Practicioner of Form VII: Vaapad)

Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo



Kam solusar

Kam Solusar

Siri Tachi

Kyp Durron


Bultar Swan

Stass Allie

Former MembersEdit


Dorsk 81

Cin Drallig

Considered MembersEdit

Yarael Poof

Coleman Trebor

Roth-Del Masona

An'ya Kuro