This section is comprised of demigods and other mythical creatures from Camp Half-Blood.

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Section VI: The Lightning Thief was one of the Founding Sections, and one of the Original Sections of the UPC. When they received the emissaries from the Jedi and the Galactic Republic Senate, they accepted and strongly supported the creation of the UPC. The original presidency was as follows: Chiron, President. Thalia Grace, Vice President. Percy Jackson, Secretary. Annabeth Chase, Treasurer. Clarisse La Rue was later added as the Presidency Assistant. Michael Yew is the unofficial 2nd Presidency Assistant. The original template for this section was one member from each cabin in Camp Half-Blood, or one representative of each species. This template is still being used, with one exception, that being Rachel Elizabeth Dare, who is the Camp's oracle. The first backup was added not long after the creation of this section, but the addition of the assistant backup was somewhat recent. Jason Grace was added as the representative of the Zeus cabin, but after they discovered that he was a Roman Half-Blood and he was added to Section XXXVI: Camp Jupiter, Jason had to be removed from this section due to the fact that you cannot be in two sections at once.


This section contributes to the Half-Blood Army. The official weapon of this section is the celestial bronze sword.

Member's List:Edit

Chiron [Centaur and Camp Director] (President)


Thalia Grace [Huntress and Zeus Cabin] (Vice President)

Percy Jackson [Poseidon Cabin] (Secretary)

Clarisse La Rue [Ares Cabin] (Treasurer)

Michael Yew [Apollo Cabin] (PA)

Charles Beckendorf [Hephaestus Cabin]

Connor Stoll [Hermes Cabin]

Silena Beauregard [Aphrodite Cabin]

Katie Gardner [Demeter Cabin]

Pollux [Dionysus Cabin]

Grover Underwood [Satyr]

Grover Underwood

Tyson [Cyclops]

Juniper [Nymph]

Nico di Angelo [Hades Cabin]

Clovis [Hypnos Cabin]

Butch [Iris Cabin]

Lou Ellen [Hecate Cabin]

Rachel Elizabeth Dare [Camp Oracle]

Travis Stoll [Hermes Cabin Asst] (Official Backup)

Former MembersEdit

Jason Grace [Zeus Cabin]

Backup MembersEdit

Travis Stoll [Hermes] (Official Backup)

Leo Valdez [Hepheastus] (Assistant Backup)

Malcolm [Athena]

Piper McLean [Aphrodite]

Castor [Dionysus]

Zoe Nightshade [Huntresses]

Silenus [Satyr]

Bianca Di Angelo [Hades]

Miranda Gardiner [Demeter]

Lee Fletcher [Apollo]

Mellie [Nymph]

Mark [Ares]