This section was removed from the UPC in 2012. It was comprised of members of Control, one of the United States's national spy organizations.


Section IV: Control was not one of the Founding Sections, but was one of the Original Sections, which is how it came to be Section 4. The original presidency is as follows: Chief of Control, President. Larabee, Vice President. Maxwell Smart, Secretary. Agent 99, Treasurer. The only difference between then and now is that Carlson is now Presidency Assistant. A proposition was once made proposing that Carlson replace 99 as treasurer, and give 99 the position of PA. However, it did not pass, and the presidency remained the same. Hymie was an initial member, but Agent 13 was later added. Agent 44 was made a backup soon after the initial creation of this section, but the addition of Admiral Hargrade as assistant backup was recent. This section had one representative

However, in late 2012, this section was deemed no longer necessary for the UPC, and the majority of its members were decided to be unqualified for membership in this organization, thus it was removed from the UPC. Its, president, Chief Thaddeus of Control, remained in the UPC as a member of Section XII: United States. Section IV: Control was replaced by Section IV: Ender's Game.

UPC ArmyEdit

This section contributed to the A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army until it was modified to be the Control Army. The former members of this section are still a part of this Army.

Member's ListEdit

Chief of Control (President)
Maxwell smart

Larabee (Vice President)

Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 (Secretary)

Agent 99 (Treasurer)

Carlson (PA)

Agent 13 (Senator)

Hymie (Representative)

Agent 44 (Backup)

Admiral Harold Harmon Hargrade (Assistant Backup)