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The Star Wars Pilots Army, or the "SW Pilots Army is a specialized UPC Army made up of starship pilots of all sorts.

Description and History[]

This is a specialized army, completely focused on Starship pilots, large and small. It is a motley fleet, containing starships of all types. It is made up of pilots from Star Wars times, whether from the Rebel Alliance, the Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic, or the New Republic. It was first headed by Anakin Skywalkeras General, with Ackbar and Luke Skywalker as Commanders. However, Anakin agreed to let Ackbar be promoted to Admiral, leaving Anakin as a General, due to Ackbar's superior experience in large fleet command and tactics.

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This army is contributed to by Section I: Jedi, Section II: Galactic Republic: Senate, Section XV: Rebel Alliance, Section XVIII: New Republic: Government, Section XIX: Last of the Jedi, Section XIV: New Jedi Order, Section XXV: Galactic Republic: Clones, Section XVI: Galactic Republic: Other, and Section XXIX: New Republic: Other.

Organizations contributing to this army are the Jedi Order and Starfighter Corps, the Rebel Alliance Fleet (and all squadrons within), Galactic Republic (and all squadrons within), local squadrons and defense fleets, the New Jedi Order (and all squadrons within), and the New Republic (and all squadrons within).

UPC Special Operations Brigade[]

This Army does have one team in the UPC Special Operations Brigade. Team Omega (24) is the Jedi pilot team in the SOB. It is led by Captain and former SW Pilots Army Captain Jaina Solo, and contains Agent and former SW Pilots Army Lieutenant Kyp Durron, Agent and former SW Pilots Army Chief Lieutenant Anakin Solo, and Agent and SW Pilots Army Lieutenant Corran Horn.

Major Starships[]



Jedi Interceptor/Starfighter




V-Torrent Starfighter




Naboo Fighter


Republic Assault Ship

Corellian Corvette

Mon Calamari Star Cruisers

Corellian Battleship



Grand Admiral: Ackbar

Grand General: Anakin Skywalker

S. Commander: Luke Skywalker

Commander: Saesee Tiin

Chief Captain: Wedge Antilles

Captain: Han Solo

Captain: Ahsoka Tano

Captain: Adi Gallia

S. Chief Lieutenant: Oddball

Chief Lieutenant: Garvin Dreis

SOB Captain: Jaina Solo

Notable Members[]

Ackbar: Grand Admiral

Anakin Skywalker: Grand General

Luke Skywalker: S. Commander

Saesee Tiin: Commander

Wedge Antilles: Chief Captain

Han Solo: Captain

Adi Gallia: Captain

Ahsoka Tano: Captain

Oddball: S. Chief Lieutenant

Garvin Dreis: Chief Lieutenant

Lowbacca: Lieutenant

Hawk: Lieutenant

Ferus Olin: Lieutenant

Chewbacca: Lieutenant

Jag: Lieutenant

Miko Reglia: Lieutenant

Gavin Darklighter: S. Chief Colonel

Ric Olie: Chief Colonel

Arhul Narra: Chief Colonel

Glie'oleg Kru: Chief Colonel

Nahdar Vebb: Colonel

Arvel Crynyd: Colonel

Raymus Antilles: Colonel

R2-D2: Colonel

Davish Krail: Colonel

Slammer: Colonel

Dack Ralter: Colonel

Wenton Chan: Colonel

Jon Vander: Colonel

Tucker: Colonel

Axe: Colonel

Wes Janson: Colonel

Horton Salm: S. Chief Sergeant

Lensi: Chief Sergeant

Naytaan: Chief Sergeant

Merrick Simms: Chief Sergeant

Telsij: Chief Sergeant

Hol Okand: Chief Sergeant

Ru Murleen: Chief Sergeant

Derek Klivian: Chief Sergeant

Sparky (R5): Sergeant

Bowman Gavin: Sergeant

Ekelarc Yong: Sergeant

Tiree: Sergeant

Dllr Nep: Sergeant

Lepira: Sergeant

ADM-45: Sergeant

TD-427: Sergeant

Pash Cracken: Sergeant

Rookie One: Sergeant

Ten Numb: Sergeant

Palso Thern: Sergeant

Ran Kether: Sergeant

Harthis: Sergeant

Alinn Varth: Sergeant

Jake Ferrell: Sergeant

Hanc Thorben: Sergeant

Jek Porkins: Sergeant

Lune Divinian: Sergeant

Biggs Darklighter: Sergeant

Ibtisam: Sergeant

Lak Sivrak: Sergeant

Ace Azzameen: Sergeant

Ryle Torsyn: Sergeant

Jaina Solo: SOB Captain

Kyp Durron: SOB Agent

Corran Horn: SOB Agent

Anakin Solo: SOB Agent