Richard Robau
Richard Robau


Section V: Star Trek Enterprise Assistant Backup


Star Trek Army: General's Aide

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Outside Affiliations

  • Starfleet
  • Starship Kelvin
  • Starship UPC

Primary Weapon

Class B Phaser

Richard Robau is the assistant backup of Section V: Star Trek Enterprise.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Robau was formerly the Captain of the Starfleet Starship Kelvin, but after it was attacked by a Romulan ship, he appointed Commander George Kirk to be the Captain, and left to negotiate with the leader of the Romulans. They brutally tortured him, and he barely escaped with his life at the end of the conflict. However, he was too injured and crippled to continue in his duties, and was taken off active duty. He is now an advisor to Admiral Christopher Pike aboard the Starship UPC.


Robau is the aide to Grand General Christopher Pike in the Star Trek Army.


Aide (Star Trek Army)

Captain (Former Kelvin)

Advisor (UPC)