James Kirk
James kirk


Section V: Star Trek Enterprise: Vice President

Organization Councils:


Star Trek Army: Commander

Other (UPC):


Home Planet/Species:


Other Affiliations:

  • Starfleet
  • Starship Enterprise

Primary Weapon:

Class B Phaser

Security Clearance:

Class C

James Kirk is the vice president of Section V: Star Trek Enterprise and one of the most renowned and respected members of Starfleet in its history.

Biographical InformationEdit

James Kirk is the Captain of the USS Enterprise.

Early LifeEdit

James Tiberius Kirk was the son of George Kirk, the Commander of starship. During a battle with the Romulans, Captain Richard Robau had to leave the ship and attempt to negotiate with the leader of the Romulan starship. After Robau's departure, George Kirk became Captain, and started evacuation immediately while he set a course for his vessel to hit the Romulan ship. His pregnant wife was also forced to evacuate, and had just gotten into labor. She had their child on the departure from the starship, and they named it together. When the ship crashed into the Romulan ship, George Kirk almost died, but managed to escape and survive for years exiled on a planet before returning to civilization.


Starfleet AcademyEdit

USS EnterpriseEdit

During a Romulan attack, they recruited many cadets to help with the battle. Kirk had just recently gotten in trouble, but managed to get himself smuggled onto a ship. He ended up being appointed as its Second Officer, and after its Captain (Christopher Pike) had left to negotiate and Kirk got the First Officer (Spock) to attack him, Kirk became the Captain of the USS Enterprise. After the battle was dealt with, Pike was promoted to Admiral in Starfleet while Kirk remained as Captain with Spock as his First Officer.



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Organization CouncilsEdit

Captain kirk
Kirk is a member of the Weapons/Combat Council for his experience, knowledge, and skill with the Class B Phaser. He is also a member of the Spy Council.

UPC ArmyEdit

Though Kirk was formerly just a Commander of the Star Trek Army, he was appointed as successive when Kathryn Janeway was promoted to Admiral and Christopher Pike was promoted to General.





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