Note: You may be looking for the Camp Jupiter Army, which is also made up of half-bloods but is a separate Army from the Half-Blood Army.

The Half-Blood Army, also known as the Camp Half-Blood Army, was one of the original UPC Armies.

Description and HistoryEdit

The Half-Blood Army was one of the first UPC Armies formed. It should have been titled the "Camp Half-Blood Army" so it would not be confused with the Camp Jupiter Army, which is already made up of half-bloods, but the Half-Blood Army was made before the UPC even knew of Camp Jupiter's existence.

Annabeth Chase

Annabeth Chase

It was originally led by Chiron as General, with Percy Jackson and Thalia Grace as Commanders. However, because of Chiron's prestigious position as a member of the UPC Presidency, he was promoted to Admiral, and Thalia Grace to General, with Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase as Commanders.

Most members of this Army are Greek half-bloods, or "demigods", from Camp Half-Blood. (though there was one Roman Half-Blood member at one point). These half-bloods are sons and daughters of a Greek god or goddess and a mortal mother or father. They typically use celestial bronze weapons for combat, and mostly medieval type weaponry, not modern or advanced. The most common weapon is the sword, but knives, battle axes, bows and arrows, daggers, spears, and war hammers are also used. Half-bloods have superior fighting skills to normal mortals, and have better concentration, speed, reflexes, and natural talent. Other members of this Army (which are a minority) are satyrs, nymphs, naiads, cyclopes, and one centaur.

Jason Grace was formerly a Captain of this Army, but it was later discovered that Jason Grace was a Roman half-blood, and he was removed to join the Camp Jupiter Army with the other Roman half-bloods.

The Half-Blood Army is one of the smaller UPC Armies, having only one or two-hundred members.

This Army is run and contributed to by Section VI: The Lightning Thief.

UPC Special Operations BrigadeEdit

This Army does have a team in the UPC Special Operations Brigade. Team Delta (4) is the Half-Blood team, and is led by Captain and former Half-Blood Army Commander Annabeth Chase. It contains Agent and former Half-Blood Army Chief Lieutenant Charles Beckendorf, Agent and former Half-Blood Army Chief Sergeant Sherman, and Agent and former Half-Blood Army Colonel Miranda Gardiner.




Admiral: Chiron

General: Thalia Grace

S. Commander: Percy Jackson

Commander: Clarisse La Rue

Chief Captain: Michael Yew

Captain: Nico di Angelo

Captain: Connor Stoll

Captain: Zoe Nightshade

S. Chief Lieutenant: Travis Stoll

Chief Lieutenant: Butch

SOB Captain: Annabeth Chase

Notable MembersEdit

Chiron: Admiral

Percy jackson

Percy Jackson

Thalia Grace: General

Percy Jackson: S. Commander

Clarisse La Rue: Commander

Michael Yew: Chief Captain

Nico di Angelo: Captain

Connor Stoll: Captain

Zoe Nightshade: Captain
Charles beckendorf

Charles Beckendorf

Travis Stoll: S. Chief Lieutenant

Butch: Chief Lieutenant

Lee Fletcher: Lieutenant

Pollux: Lieutenant

Tyson: Lieutenant

Leo Valdez: Lieutenant

Grover Underwood: Lieutenant

Grover Underwood

Katie Gardner: Lieutenant

Piper McLean: S. Chief Colonel

Silena Beauregard: Chief Colonel

Malcolm: Chief Colonel

Bianca di Angelo: Chief Colonel

Will Solace: Colonel

Chris Rodriguez: Colonel

Jake Mason: Colonel

Castor: Colonel
Silena beauregard

Silena Beauregard

Hedge: Colonel

Austin: Colonel

Kayla: Colonel

Juniper: Colonel

Silenus: Colonel

Clovis: Colonel

Mark: Colonel

Mitchell: Colonel

Annabeth Chase: SOB Captain

Sherman: SOB Agent

Charles Beckendorf: SOB Agent

Miranda Gardiner: SOB Agent