Frozone (Lucius Best)


Section X: Incredibles Secretary

Organization/Advisory Councils


Ninjago/SG1/Incredibles Army: Captain

Other (UPC)

  • UPC House of Reps: Member

Home Planet/Species

Earth/Human (Superhero)

Outside Affiliations

  • Incredibles

Primary Weapon

Superpowers- Freezing Power

Lucius Best, or "Frozone", is the secretary of Section X: Incredibles. He is also a Representative of his section, and therefore part of the UPC House of Reps.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

Frozone is the nickname of Lucius Best, a superhero with the power to freeze, though the amount of moisture available limits his powers. He is the best friend of Mr. Incredible, and is married to a lady named "Honey".

Organization CouncilsEdit

Frozone is a member of the Tactics Council and the Magic/Powers Council.


Frozone is a Captain in the Ninjago/SG1/Incredibles Army. He works directly under Commander Mr. Incredible, co-works with Captain Cole, and is the direct commanding officer of Lieutenants Dashelle Parr and Elastigirl.


Captain (Ninjago/SG1/Incredibles Army)

Representative (UPC House of Reps)

Secretary (Section)