A-team, knight rider, control army
The Control Army, formerly known as the Knight Rider/Control Army, and the A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army, was one of the first UPC Armies formed.

Description and HistoryEdit

The Control Army (known as the "A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army" when it was formed) was one of the original UPC Armies, and was originally headed by Chief of Control as General and Devin and John Smith (aka "Hannibal") as Commanders. However, Chief of Control was promoted to be an Admiral right before Grand Generals were made, and Commander John "Hannibal" Smith was promoted to General, with Devin and Templeton Peck (aka "Face") as Commanders. Later, Chief of Control was demoted back to General after he realized that he was not fit for the position of Admiral, and John Smith became a Commander once more with Devin as his co-worker.

When the UPC Special Operations Brigade was formed, John Smith, Templeton Peck, Bosco Albert Baracus, and HM Murdock formed Team Alpha, with Smith as Captain, causing the Army to be renamed to the Knight Rider/Control Army due to the fact that the A-Team was no longer part of it. Agent 99 was promoted to Commander, and a number of other promotions occurred.

However, later, Michael Knight and KITT were also added to the Special Operations Brigade, so they were removed from the Knight Rider/Control Army along with Devin, so the Army was renamed to be the Control Army since the Knight Rider group was no longer part of it.

This Control Army is one of the smaller Armies in the UPC, contributed to only by the United States secret spy organization called Control, formerly by Michael Knight's operative team and the A-Team.

This Army was formerly contributed to by three sections: Section IV: Control, Section III: A-Team, and Section XI: Knight Rider. Now it is only contributed to by Section IV: Control.


Chief of control

General Chief of Control

General: Chief of Control

S. Commander: Agent 99

Commander: Carlson

SOB Captain: John Smith

Notable MembersEdit

Chief of Control: General

Agent 99

Agent 99, Commander

Devin: S. Commander

Agent 99: S. Commander

Carlson: Commander

Hymie: Chief Captain

Agent 13: Captain

Maxwell Smart: Captain

Bannister: Captain

Harry Hoo: S. Chief Lieutenant


Agent 13

Larabee: Chief Lieutenant

Agent 52: Lieutenant

Agent 43: Lieutenant

Agent 34: Lieutenant

Agent 22: Lieutenant

Hannibal gun

John Smith, SOB Captain

Agent 12: Lieutenant

Agent 44: Lieutenant

John Smith: SOB Captain

Bosco Albert Baracus: SOB Agent

Templeton Peck: SOB Agent

HM Murdock: SOB Agent