Agent 99
Agent 99


Section IV: Control Treasurer

Organization/Advisory Councils


A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army: Captain

Other (UPC)

  • Washington, D.C. Base: General

Home Planet/Species


Outside Affiliations

  • Control
  • Agent Section

Primary Weapon


Agent 99 is the treasurer of Section IV: Control. 99 is also the General of the Washington, D.C. UPC Meeting Base, the second largest and second most-used UPC Meeting Base. 99 is responsible for the more military, defense, security, and training aspects of the base, which is a large responsibility since the Washington, D.C. Base is very large and commonly used. 99 also works out the more administrative, financial, and practical aspects of the base with its president, Mitt Romney. 99 is responsible for reporting the needs and activities of the base to Romney, who then reports it to the rest of the UPC.

Non-UPC InfoEdit

99 is an agent in Control, one of the top agents. She is the wife of Maxwell Smart and the mother of twins. Her real name remains unknown. 99's primary weapon is a pink handgun.

Organization CouncilsEdit

Agent 99 is the representative for the Females Council, treasurer of the Morale Council, and a member of the Diplomats Council, and the Council of Reps. She was nearly added to the Spy Council, but lost in a close election with Max.


99 is a Captain in the A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army. She works directly under Commander John Smith, co-works with Captain BA Baracus, and is the direct commanding officer of Lieutenants Maxwell Smart, and Agent 44.


Treasurer (Morale Council and Section)

Representative (Females Council)

Captain (A-Team/Knight Rider/Control Army)

General (Washington, D.C. Base)


  • Get Smart, Seasons 1-5
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